Vocational Education and Training (VET) Units

Individual units may vary in scope and approach depending on where you study.

For more detailed information, please refer to the VET Handbooks.

These units/subjects can be completed individually for 'Audit' with no assessments; or toward a formal VET-level certificate qualification (RTO 4863). We encourage you to contact our Student Services team to discuss our 2021 enrolment options, on (08) 8416 8400 or at info@acd.edu.au

Undergraduate Units

The main areas of study within our courses:

  • Biblical Studies

  • Christian Education and Discipleship

  • Leadership / Pastoral Care

  • Missiology / Innovation

Biblical Studies
MINS1002 - Interpreting the Scriptures
MINS1101 - Interpreting the Old Testament
MINS1201 - Interpreting the New Testament
MINS2001 - Bible and Culture
MINS2002 - Guided Study in Biblical Studies A
MINS2110 - Israel's Response to Exile
MINS2111 - Pentateuch
MINS2216 - Pauline Letters
MINS2217 - Romans
MINS2218 - 1 & 2 Corinthians
MINS2219 - Synoptic Gospels
MINS2122 - Integrative Ministry Practice Old Testament: Text to Sermon
MINS2704 - Biblical Greek
MINS2705 - Biblical Hebrew
MINS3002 - Biblical Hermeneutics
MINS3003 - Guided Study in Biblical Studies B
MINS3109 - Old Testament Writings
MINS3110 - Wisdom Literature
MINS3111 - Prophets Then and Now
MINS3218 - The Gospel of John and the Johnannine Letters
Christian Education & Discipleship
MINS1601 - Spirituality for 21st Century Disciples
MINS1603 - Beyond Sunday
MINS2601 - Guided Study in Christian Education & Discipleship
MINS2602 - Youth & Young Adult Ministry
MINS2603 - Ministry with Children & Families
MINS2604 - Chaplaincy & Ministry in Schools
MINS2605 - Leading & Facilitating Groups
MINS2606 - Media & Communication
MINS2612 - Faith at Work
MINS2613 - Church Planting
MINS3601 - Guided Study in Christian Education & Discipleship B
MINS3602 - Creative Arts in Worship, Learning & Mission
MINS3603 - Discipling Adults in Christian Community
MINS3604 - Radical & Missional Discipleship
Leadership & Pastoral Care
MINS1509 - Introduction to Leadership
MINS1510 - Introduction to Formation Ministry
MINS1511 - Introduction to Preaching
MINS2524 - The Caring Practices of the Church
MINS2527 - Christian Leadership
MINS2528 - Supervised Field Education 1
MINS2529 - Supervised Field Education 2
MINS2530 - Supervised Field Education 3
MINS2531 - Guided Study in Leadership A
MINS2532 - Guided Study in Pastoral Care A
MINS2533 - Homiletics
MINS2534 - Liturgy & Worship
MINS2536 - The Ministry of Pastoral Care
MINS2537 - Theology & Practice of Chaplaincy
MINS2801 - Integrative Ministry Practice A
MINS3514 - Formation for Christian Leadership
MINS3515 - Leadership & Organisational Culture
MINS3516 - Supervised Field Education 4
MINS3517 - Supervised Field Education 5
MINS3518 - Guided Study in Leadership B
MINS3519 - Guided Study in Pastoral Care B
MINS3520 - Advanced Christian Leadership
MINS3801 - Integrative Ministry Practice B
Missiology & Innovation
MINS1304 - Introduction to Christian Thought
MINS1305 - Reading Cultures
MINS2314 - The Theology of Jesus Christ, Word & Saviour
MINS2315 - Human Being?
MINS2316 - Guided Study in Missiology A
MINS2317 - Guided Study in Innovation A
MINS2318 - Mission Then, Mission Now
MINS2319 - Spirit & the World
MINS2320 - Evangelism, Conversion & Mission of God
MINS2321 - Mission Then, Mission Now B
MINS2323 - Innovation as Pioneering
MINS2324 - Christian Story A
MINS2325 - Christian Story B
MINS3335 - God the Trinity
MINS3336 - Church, Ministry & Sacraments
MINS3338 - Heritage, Theology & Polity of the UCA
MINS3339 - Missional Church Leadership
MINS3341 - Guided Study in Missiology B
MINS3342 - Guided Study in Innovation B
MINS3343 - Living the Text in a Postmodern Context
MINS3344 - The Gift of Forgiveness
MINS3345 - Apologetics in a Secular Age

Postgraduate Units

MINS8201 - Guided Study A
MINS8202 - Guided Study B
MINS8203 - Guided Study C
MINS8204 - Guided Study D
MINS8205 - Guided Study E
MINS8207 - Biblical Hermeneutics
MINS8209 - Interpreting the Old Testament
MINS8210 - Interpreting the New Testament
MINS8211 - Introduction to Christian Thought
MINS8212 - Jesus Christ: A Theological Introduction
MINS8557 - Reflecting on Best Practice in Ministry
MINS8558 - Introduction to Community Research
MINS8559 - Theology for Ministry Practice
MINS9032 - Research Methods
MINS9201 - Community Research Folio 1
MINS9202 - Community Research Folio 2
MINS9203 - Community Research Folio 3
MINS9301 - Ministry Practice Dissertation I
MINS9302 - Ministry Practice Dissertation II
MINS9303 - Ministry Practice Dissertation III
MINS9304 - Ministry Practice Dissertation IV
MINS9305 - Ministry Practice Dissertation V
MINS9501 - Ministry Research Thesis I
MINS9502 - Ministry Research Thesis II
MINS9503 - Ministry Research Thesis III
MINS9504 - Ministry Research Thesis IV
MINS9505 - Ministry Research Thesis V
MINS9506 - Ministry Research Thesis VI
MINS9507 - Ministry Research Thesis VII
MINS9508 - Ministry Research Thesis VIII
MINS9509 - Ministry Research Thesis IX
MINS9510 - Ministry Research Thesis X
MINS9511 - Ministry Research Thesis XI
MINS9512 - Ministry Research Thesis XII

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