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Rev Dr Tim Hein

Director of Discipleship

About Tim

Rev Dr Tim Hein is Director of Discipleship at Uniting College and also Minister at Malvern Uniting Church in Adelaide. Tim began his ministry in inner-city Melbourne, before moving to Adelaide, where he had also spent several years as a teenager. He has a diverse ministry experiences, and has previously pastored in a larger regional church; lived in intentional community in inner urban marginal cultures in Melbourne; led an intentional young adult discipleship program; presented school seminars; and established CitySoul, a new congregation in the inner city of Adelaide. He has been on faculty since 2013.

Units taught by Tim

  • MINS1601 Spirituality for 21st Century Disciples

  • MINS1603 Beyond Sunday: Intro to Faith, Life & Work

  • MINS2606 Media & Communication in Contemporary Culture

  • MINS2613 Church Planting

  • MINS2614 Church Revitalisation & Renewal

  • MINS3604 Radical Missional Discipleship

  • MINS3605 A Public Faith in a Secular Age


Recent Publications

  • Hein, T.J. (2017). Educating Lay Leadership and Ministry for the Future. In David Houston, ed. By Word and By Deed: Lay People in the Uniting Church – Learning and Living the Faith, and Making a Difference. Unley, Australia: Mediacom Education Inc, pp. 329-344.

  • Hein, T. (2018). Understanding Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Ministry Leaders & Survivors, Chicago: IVP.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (cand), Flinders University 

  • Doctor of Ministry, Adelaide College of Divinity

  • Master of Ministry Studies, Tabor Adelaide

  • Bachelor of Ministry, Tabor College Victoria (Now Eastern College)

  • Company Director’s Course, Australian Institute of Company Directors


  • Director of Discipleship


  • Co-host of The Unmade Podcast

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