Study at ACD

Study at ACD

Enrol in ACD – it could be your most rewarding pathway

Some comments from students in 2015

“The course material is engaging and relevant.  I am excited about the learning experience!”


“The topics that have stretched beyond the realms of conservative Christian theology”


“The best part of the course was the quality of the presenters, which was generally outstanding.  It was greatly enhanced by the ecumenical character of the ACD through most of my course”


“Overall studying at ACD has been a joyous and enriching experience, and I am immensely grateful to all those who have contributed”


God is about transformation and at ACD we believe that education is part of a transformational pathway.

Theological learning can be a risky business. It can address the tough societal issues and confronts your own and community values.

At the Adelaide College of Divinity students experience a safe supported environment for such an educational journey. Combined with a sense of academic freedom we intend for students to gain insights of life-long value.

Adelaide College of Divinity aims to produce graduates who will be:

  • Reflective thinkers; people who examine the foundations of the Christian faith.
  • Skilled practitioners, who creatively and wisely integrate theology and practice across a variety of contemporary contexts.
  • Life long learners, who are self-directed and able to contribute to group discussions.
  • Effective communicators, who speak from a solid knowledge base, who enjoy using their knowledge in ways that build our community and its organisations, enacting justice, Christian values and inclusiveness.

After course completion

Graduates of theology and ministry will find they have developed attributes and skills that are not only essential to ministry and theology professions but also relevant and transferrable to many other potential employers. Such skills include leadership, team building, responding to needs with in communities, appreciating different cultures.

We have firm partnerships with ‘industry’ and early career mentoring is available.

Upon completion of ACD programs students are able to pursue career pathways in areas of policy, Christian development, pastoral care, ministry, community roles, government roles, overseas aid, chaplaincy, church mission based agencies, theological scholarship, academic research, and education, among others.

Quality Assurance

The Adelaide College of Divinity implements its quality assurance policies and procedures in accordance with these key points of reference and guidance:

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) is Australia’s independent national higher education regulator. TEQSA oversees the implementation of the Higher Education Standards Frameworks.

The Australian Qualifications Framework is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training.