Student Policies

Here are listed the ACD policies related to students.
If you cannot find any information contact Administration or your supervisor.

Academic Review of Student Progress
Acceptable Use of ACD Campus ICT Resources
Admission, Enrolment and Graduation
Appeals Against Academic Review Decisions
Appeals Against Final Grades
Campus Induction Procedures
Campus Internal Communications
Child Protection
Conduct in Examinations
Confidentiality Guidelines
Council’s Letter of Commendation
Course and Tuition Assurance
Equal Opportunity
Ethical Conduct in Human Research
Fee Policy
FEE-HELP Review Procedures
Grievance Procedures
Inclusive Language and Use of Language for God
Plagiarism (Academic integrity)
Provisional Entry to the ACD Bachelor of Ministry
Recognition of Prior Learning
Research in Postgraduate Courses
Status/Credit Transfer
Students with Disabilities
Work Integrated Learning Policy