The ACD has developed organisational relationships over the years with several colleges of different denominations and these colleges have taught into ACD courses.

The ACD has a long-standing agreement with Flinders University through which the ACD provides the Flinders University Department of Theology.

Early History

The ACD was formed through the work of Christian teaching colleges in Adelaide. It was originally established as a teaching consortium with overarching governance under which were five theological colleges representing three Christian traditions; Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Church.

ACD values the input of all Christian theologies, whether in an ongoing partnership as a teaching college (constituent member) or as part of our ecumenical course offerings.

Constituent member colleges

It is not unusual in the theological area to find consortia structures. This is a means whereby Churches are able to provide teaching particular to their denomination and ordination requirements and also provide teaching into courses that follows a Christian ethos. Church based colleges maintain an identity but are engaged in contribution to vocational and higher education courses in collaboration.

ACD currently has a formal partnership with one founding college on campus: the Uniting College for Leadership and Theology and many academics and teaching staff from this college teach in ACD courses.

Students are under no obligation to affiliate with a member college.

Uniting College for Leadership and Theology (UCLT)

Uniting College is the Uniting Church’s college for discipleship and ministry training in South Australia. The College provides high quality, accessible education for all people: lay and those preparing for ordination and other specified ministries within the Uniting Church, so they may become effective leaders, empowered by the Spirit. They also provide study options for people from a range of church backgrounds with a personal interest in Christian theology.

UCLT Principal: Professor Rev Andrew Dutney
Telephone: (08) 8416 8441
34 Lipsett Terrace, Brooklyn Park SA 5034
Administration: Ms Ann Phillips
Telephone: (08) 8416 8420
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Trinity College Queensland

Trinity College Queensland is a theological institution of the Uniting Church in Australia, a movement within the Reformed and Evangelical tradition, situated in Queensland. The College’s values, mission, and ethos are governed by the vision set out in the Basis of Union.

Trinity College Queensland Principal: Dr Leigh Trevaskis
Telephone: (07) 3377 9950
Trinity College Queensland GPO Box 674 Brisbane QLD 4001
Level 1, Uniting Church Centre 60 Bayliss Street Auchenflower QLD 4066.
Administration: Ms Kathleen Darolles
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National connections



ACD has a partnership with Newlife College, a ministry of Newlife Uniting Church on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Newlife offers education to those looking to study ministry and biblical theology – both as a pathway to part time or full time ministry and for personal growth and development.

University relationship

Flinders University Department of Theology
The ACD is the Department of Theology at Flinders University through a formal agreement between the Adelaide College of Divinity and Flinders University for the teaching of theology degrees, from bachelor to doctorate, and research. The Department of Theology is part of the School of Humanities and Creative Arts in the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law.

Flinders University awards academic status to ACD faculty members teaching in Flinders University courses.

The ACD provides the entire infrastructure for teaching and research in theology including the classrooms and offices for all staff. Most of the teaching for Flinders University courses takes place on the ACD Campus at Brooklyn Park, with some topics taught at the Bedford Park University campus.

Officers of the Department of Theology
Head of Department and Director of Studies: Dr Liz Boase
Postgraduate Coordinator, Flinders University Department of Theology: Dr Tanya Wittwer
Administration Officer (Academic): Katherine Sutcliffe (School of Humanities and Creative Arts)

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Adelaide Theological Library

Adelaide Theological Library

The Adelaide Theological Library
The Adelaide Theological Library supports students and staff in their academic activities, both for professional development or for pursuing knowledge in the theological and ministry based fields.

Membership and borrowing rights are available to people who are not enrolled in ACD courses.