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New Books at the Adelaide Theological Library, July 6 2017

The theory of Rene Girard : a very simple introduction
Carly Osborn
This book is a brief introduction to the theory of Rene Girard, written in a humorous, accessible style, and accompanied by cartoon illustrations by the author. Girard (1923-2015) was a French historian, literary critic and philosopher of social science, whose work belongs to the tradition of anthropological philosophy. His theories and work have influenced the fields of literary criticism, critical theory, anthropology, theology, psychology, mythology, sociology, economics, cultural studies, and philosophy. Girard’s fundamental ideas were that desire is imitative in origin (‘mimetic’); that mimetic desire causes rivalry and violence, leading to scapegoating; that the scapegoat mechanism is the origin of sacrifice and ritual, and thus the foundation of human culture; that religion developed from ritual; and that the Judeo-Christian Bible denounces the scapegoat mechanism. If you’d like to understand the basics of the theory of Girard without delving into a serious academic text, then this book was written for you. It also has knights in armour, Batman, Greek tragedy, and hats.
Australia : Australian Girard Seminar
203.4 G519.O

How to read the bible for all its worth
Gordon Fee; Douglas K. Stuart
Fourth ed.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Zondervan
220.61 F295h.4

How to read the bible book by book : a guided tour
Gordon Fee; Douglas K. Stuart
Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan
220.61 F295ho

The Pentateuch : introducing the Torah
Thomas B. Dozeman
The Pentateuch is the heart of the Hebrew Bible and the foundational document of Judaism. It is also the focus of tremendous scholarly debate regarding the complex history of its composition. This history will be explored along with analysis of the historical background and ancient Near Eastern parallels for its primeval history, its ancestry narratives and laws, the theological purposes of its final reaction, and its diverse interpretation in communities today. This textbook introduces students to the contents of the Torah and orients them to the key interpretive questions and methods shaping contemporary scholarship, inviting readers into the work of interpretation today. Pedagogical features include images, maps, timelines, reading lists, and a glossary.
Series: Introducing Israel’s scriptures
Minneapolis : Fortress Press
222.1 D755p and ebook

A handbook on the Gospel of Mark
Robert G. Bratcher; Eugene A. Nida, 1914-2011.
New York : United Bible Societies
226.3077 B824h

Growing as a peacemaker : reflections on working with fellowships in mixed mining and agriculture communities in times of stress
David John Ferguson
Considering the biblical concepts of peacemaking and reconciliation, the author carries out a study of communal scriptural reading activities, using the practitioner action research method. This took place in the mixed mining and agricultural communities in the Bowen Basin province of Central Queensland.
Thesis (Doctor of Ministry (DMin)) — Adelaide College of Divinity.
234.5 F352g

Christian ethics : a historical introduction
J. Philip Wogaman
Second ed.
An updated survey of Christian ethics which addresses major thinkers, movements, and issues from the early church to the present; and discusses a broad range of topics, including the biblical and philosophical legacies of Christian ethics and ethics through the early, medieval, Reformation, Enlightenment, and modern eras.
Louisville, KY : Westminster John Knox Press

Passion and purity : feeling, living and loving in the fullness of the image of Christ
Mark Mills-Powell
Much Christian teaching has laid the emphasis on the primacy of facts as the basis for faith. The danger of this approach is the unspoken mistrust of feelings that can go with it, sometimes leading to conflict, confusion and lack of compassion in matters of the heart.This engaging account examines how we can be more joyfully and passionately Christ-like, fully engaging our hearts and honestly giving them over to God, to be enriched and infused with his Holy Spirit.
Series: Grove spirituality series ; S140.
Cambridge, England : Grove Books Limited
248 G883 140

Enabling succession
Ian Parkinson
Effective succession-planning enables churches and ministries to prosper, securing greater fruitfulness than may have been otherwise possible. Yet many in leadership positions fail to prepare the ground for incoming leaders, potentially resulting in disruption and loss of direction in the life of a church. This valuable guide lays out a pathway to smooth the process of leadership transition, showing how departing leaders can enable their successors to build further on the foundations they have laid.
Series: Grove leadership series ; L28
Cambridge : Grove Books Limited
253 G8825 28

Gender-aware youth work : confronting gender-based injustice with young people
Natalie Collins
Eve and Adam were created by God as equals: interconnected and interdependent companions. So why is it that we often unconsciously reinforce gender prejudices in our interactions with young people? This incisive, provocative study cuts to the heart of false assumptions about gender in both wider society and the church. It argues that gender-aware practice is critical if our youth work is to enable young women and men to become who God has made them to be, liberated from -and equipped to encounter- the constraints of gender injustice.
Series: Grove youth series ; $v Y46
259.23 G883 46

The forgotten factor : placing community at the heart of mission
Mark Berry; Philip Mounstephen
Series: Grove mission & evangelism series ; 117
Cambridge : Grove Books Limited
269.2 G883 117

New Books at the Adelaide Theological Library, June 5 2017

Kingdom, hope and the end of the world : the ‘now’ and ‘not yet’ of eschatology
Ian Paul
Series: Grove worship series ; B82.
Cambridge : Grove Books Limited
Date: 2016
220.07 G883 82

Alan Moss
In previous commentaries on Proverbs, little is said about any literary and thematic unity in the book. This commentary, by contrast, reads Proverbs not as a collection of disjointed aphorisms, but as a book of symmetrically arranged wisdom-teaching where topics, forms of expression and rhetoric are constantly hearkening back to what has preceded or heralding what is to follow.
Series: Readings–a new biblical commentary
Sheffield : Sheffield Phoenix Press
Date: 2015
223.7077 M913p

Christian theology : an introduction
Alister E. McGrath, 1953-
6th edition
Newark : Wiley
Date: 2016
One of the most internationally-acclaimed Christian theology textbooks in use has been completely rewritten for the 6th edition. It now features new and extended material and companion resources, ensuring it retains its reputation as the ideal introduction for students. Rewritten throughout for exceptional clarity and accessibility, it adds substantial new material on the Holy Spirit. Features increased coverage of postcolonial theology, and feminist theology, and prodigious development of world theology. Increases the focus on contemporary theology to complement the excellent coverage of historical material.

An introduction to environmental ethics
Martin J. Hodson
Environmental ethics are of increasing importance both in the wider world and as part of thinking about Christian mission. But too often they are explored as one part of human ethics, and so lose their significance. This wide-ranging overview considers both secular and Christian environmental ethics, exploring both key themes and key thinkers, and provides an excellent map of the subject and its importance.
Series: Grove ethics series ; E184
Cambridge : Grove Books Limited
Date: 2017
241 G883 184

Introduction to Christian ethics : goals, duties, and virtues
Robin W. Lovin
A few years ago, the first distinction that ethicists drew was the line between Christian ethics and philosophical ethics. However, in our global context, Christian ethicists must now, in addition, compare and contrast various ethics. Christian ethics has become increasingly multivocal not only because of a plurality of faiths but also because of a plurality of Christianities. In light of these new realities, this book will introduce Christian ethics. It will lay out history, methods, and basic principles every student must know. The author also includes case studies for further explanation and application.
Nashville : Abingdon Press
Date: 2011

Effective line management in ministry: empowering staff and volunteers to reach their God-given potential
Sharon Prior
A key aspect of leadership in churches and Christian organizations is helping individuals, both voluntary and paid, to grow in their roles and develop their God-given potential. This guide argues that effective line management can enable people to work out their own methods and solutions, transforming a disparate group into a motivated empowered and smoothly functioning team.
Series: Grove leadership series ; L27
Cambridge : Grove Books Limited
Date: 2017
253 G8825 27

Context-based learning for discipleship and ministry: introducing the PC3 approach
Eeva John
This guide explains how the PC3 pathway – based on participation, classroom, context and community – mirrors the learning experience of the first disciples, and can have lasting and tangible benefits for ministry students, youth workers, lay Christians, churches and wider communities.
Series: Grove pastoral ; P148
Cambridge : Grove Books Limited
Date: 2017
253 G883 148

Work and worship : leading the church
Graham Leo
This study concerns the ways in which the local church relates to the working lives of those who attend, particularly in its gathered practices. It seeks to answer the research question: “From a theological perspective and in actual practice in the gathered life of the church, how do church leaders and professional men value and recognise the day-to-day work of professional men as worthwhile Christian ministry?”.
Thesis (Doctor of Ministry (DMin)) — Flinders University of South Australia, Department of Theology / Adelaide College of Divinity.
Date: 2017
253 L576w

Youth ministry in a digital age: understanding and reaching a generation of digital natives
To many churches rooted in brick-and-mortar ministry, the digital revolution that has transformed how young people communicate, interact and live every aspect of their lives might seem distant and inconsequential. This vital booklet argues that if ignored, the impact of digitalization – where connection to social media and digital networks is as intrinsic as the act of breathing- is a divided church with generations drifting further apart. But opportunities abound for youth workers to be digital prophets to a generation of digital natives who have disengaged from traditional church.
Series: Grove youth series ; Y45.
Cambridge : Grove Books
Date: 2016
259.23 G883 45

Minutes … [17-20 November 2016] [3-5 March 2017]
Uniting Church in Australia. Assembly. Standing Committee.
Melbourne, Vic. : Uniting Church Press
Date: 2016-2017
Ref 287.9305 U583m

Exposition of the Apocalypse
Ticonius; Francis X. Gumerlock, translator; David C. Robinson, 1978-, editor.
Series: Fathers of the church ; volume 134
Washington, D.C. : The Catholic University of America Press
Date: 2017
281 F253 134

Salvation is our motto, salvation is our song : towards a description of the theology of salvation in The Salvation Army
Cameron Horsburgh
Thesis (BTh (Honours)) — Flinders University of South Australia, Department of Theology.
Date: 2016
287.96 H817s

British values in church schools : making them count
Pamela Draycott
Series: Grove education series 2041-0964 ; eD29.
Cambridge : Grove Books Limited
Date: 2016
371.071 D768b

Our mob, God’s story : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists share their faith
Louise Sherman, editor; Christobel Mattingley, editor
Sydney, NSW : Bible Society Australia
Date: 2017
704.948 O93