Dr Mauro Meruzzi

Postgraduate Coordinator

About Mauro

My passions are the Bible and missiology, symbols and cultures, nuptiality and family, nature and spirituality.

Units taught by Mauro

  • MINS1002 Interpreting the Bible

  • MINS1201 Interpreting the New Testament

  • MINS2704 Biblical Greek

  • MINS9201 Community Research seminar

  • MINS9032 Research Methods


Recent Publications

  • Family (Not) by Chance. Seven Biblical Principles for a Full Family Life, book, in Italian, 2014.

  • “Beatitudes”; “Canon – Inspiration” ;“Kerygma”; “Law – The Commandments of God”; “Our Father” in Hindu-Christian Dictionary. Essential Terms for Inter-Religious Dialogue, 2017.

  • “Mercy from the Peripheries and Jubilee from the Centre. The Reciprocal Fecundity of Visions and Structures in Some Texts of the New Testament”, article, in Italian, 2017.

  • “Paradigms of integration of otherness in the New Testament: the Magi and the Corinthians”, article, in Italian, 2015


  • PhD in Missiology

  • PhD in Biblical Theology


  • Postgraduate Coordinator

  • Lecturer


  • I am a son, a brother, a husband, and a father

  • I like reading and writing, and the mountains