Undergraduate courses:

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry Studies

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Christian Leadership

  • Diploma of Ministry

  • Associate Degree of Ministry

  • Bachelor of Ministry

Postgraduate courses:

  • Graduate Certificate in Ministry Studies

  • Graduate Diploma in Ministry 

  • Master of Ministry

  • Doctor of Ministry

SCMOI Students will need approval from SCMOI prior to completing the Admission form.

How to Complete the Admission Form

1. Please click the Admission form button below to complete the online admission form.

2. Complete the 5 questions. You will now receive an email with an encrypted link.

3. Click on the link in your email  to complete the admission form

Both sections are required to be admitted to the course.


You are required to provide documentary evidence of any prior qualifications with the form.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for either a Master of Ministry or Doctor of Ministry course you are required to complete the Appendix A form. This form must be submitted in addition to your application form. Failure to do so may cause delays in processing your application.