Graduate Centre

Graduate Centre

Post graduate study can be a rich and rewarding experience.

It is not only professionally advantageous, but is intellectually and personally enriching and is always time well spent.

Post graduate study is where the graduate obtains in depth knowledge in a subject area, considers its merit and currency in the light of related studies, and develops analytical, critical, presentation and writing skills that will be of value in almost any other position.

Doctoral candidature is the opportunity to become an expert in an area of interest and to offer a significant scholarly contribution.

Post graduate coordinator: Dr Tanya Wittwer

Telephone: 08 8416 434



Students may study the following postgraduate degrees through the ACD:


(as Flinders University Department of Theology)

·  Graduate Diploma in Ministry
·  Master of Ministry
·  Doctor of Ministry
·  Bachelor of Theology Honours
·  Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies
·  Master of Theological Studies
·  Doctor of Philosophy

*See Flinders University Department of Theology

Students must apply first to study a post-graduate degree.



Prior to application

  • Contact the Student Services Coordinator
  • Contact the Post graduate Coordinator (PGC). Arrange to have an interview with the PGC.


  • Submit an application form (link to post graduate application form) through the ACD Graduate Centre.
  • All applications are considered by the Post Graduate Research Committee prior to being accepted.

All higher degree research students are enrolled with the ACD and not with member colleges.



Research candidates pay fees.  Research candidates may apply for Fee-Help, a Government loan. Refer to the Fee help section on this website.


Research Proposal

Candidates will be asked to submit a research proposal describing their intended area of research to the Post Graduate Research Committee by the end of the first semester (if full time) or by the end of the second semester (if part time).


Research Skills for Students

Candidates are encouraged and supported in the development of their study skills. Study skills sessions and workshops are conducted in which students may address the practical aspects of undertaking post graduate study. This includes:

  • Writing skills
  • Library research
  • Research methods

Thesis Preparation

Resources are available to guide candidates in the preparation of their thesis.

Intention to submit

When candidates are ready to submit their thesis for examination they should complete an Intention to Submit form and forward to the ACD Graduate Centre.

Supervisors will then be invited to complete a Nomination of Examiners form and forward to the ACD Graduate Centre.

Notice of Intention to Begin Research