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Library Catalogue


Access to the ATL catalogue is provided through the Flinders University Library catalogue. Use Findit@Flinders to search for print and online books, journals and articles and digital collections.

  1. Type in your search terms – use combined keywords from author, title, publisher, series, subject etc. For phrases, use double quotes “” at each end of the phrase.
  2. Use the dropdown arrow to select “Books, journals, DVDs & more” if you are only looking for physical items ie not journal articles. Then click “Search”
  3. Results: For electronic resources, click on the “View Online” tab. For physical items, click on the “Location” tab to find if it is held in the ATL, and its location and call number.

For assistance with searching please contact library staff or check out the Search Smart Orientation Online  or for more detailed information to help you use Findit@Flinders as a research tool click here.

Need help in developing search strategies? Click here for help.

Using Call Numbers

Each item in Adelaide Theological Library is allocated a call number, indicating where it is shelved in relation to other items in the collection.

Call numbers are recorded on the books’ spine labels and on Findit@flinders.

The library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification. The first part of the call number is from this classification and represents the subject of an item.

In FindIt@flinders call numbers look like:

On book spines, or labels on other materials, call numbers are arranged vertically and would typically look like:


The first line represents the subject


The second line represents a code for the author’s name

 What the Call Numbers mean at Adelaide Theological Library

Dewey Number Subject
100 Philosophy
150 Psychology
158.1 Personal Development
170 Ethics
200 Religion
210 Philosophy & Theory of Religion
215 Science & Religion
220 Bible
220.93 Biblical Archeology
221 First/Old Testament
225 Second/New Testament
230 Theology & Doctrine
230.082 Feminist Theology
232 Christology (Jesus)
234.16 Sacramental Theology
240 Moral/Devotional Theology
241 Moral Theology
242 Prayer Texts
248 Spirituality
250 Local Christian Church
251 Preaching
253 Pastoral Theology
260 Theology of Church & Society
261.55 Christianity & Science
261.8 Christianity & Social Issues
264 Liturgy
266 Missions
268 Religious Education
270 Church History
270.1 Early Church History (to 325CE)
270.3-5 Medieval Church History
270.6 Reformation Church History
270.4 Church in Australia
280 Denominations
282 Roman Catholicism
283 Anglicanism
287-9 Uniting Church
290 Other Religions
296 Judaism
297 Islam
300 Social Science
305 Groups in Society
306.089 Aboriginal Australia
320 Politics
370 Education
400 Languages
475 Latin
487 Greek
492 Hebrew
500 Pure Sciences
600 Applied Sciences
700 The Arts
800 Literature
900 Geography & History
933 Ancient Israel
994 Australian History