2021 - Research Hour

Research hour is held the 2nd Monday every month.

  • 3pm Shared afternoon tea to catch up with your fellow researchers and academic staff

  • Presentations commence at 3.30pm ACST (Zoom links available for each session below)

Upcoming Presentations

9th August 2021

Rev Paul Goh - “Mapping Intercultural Neighbourhoods in SA: Living faith and life cross-culturally”.

Dr Mauro Meruzzi -  “Paradigms of Integration of Alterity in the New Testament”

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13th September 2021

Bruce Hulme (PhD candidate) - “The research journey is like a labyrinth … and why that’s not such a bad thing” 

Associate Prof Tanya Wittwer - “The Churches during Covid” 

Rev Gewa Au (DMin candidate)  -  ‘Crossing Boundaries with the Gospel in Papua New Guinea (PNG) - Contextual perspectives on discipleship'

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11th October 2021

Bruce Mewjork (PhD candidate) - "The Men who would be King - CS Lewis's Cosmic Trilogy"

Associate Prof Rev Andrew Dutney - Topic TBC

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8th November 2021

Peter Armstrong (DMin candidate) - Topic TBC

Sally Shaw (DMin candidate) - Topic TBC

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May 1,  2021 - Theologian in Residence.


Uniting College, together with the Centre for Aboriginal Spirituality and the ACD, are delighted that Rev. Dr. Auntie Denise Champion has been appointed as Theologian in Residence, commencing May 1 2021. This is a fractional faculty appointment (0.4), and it supports her for a two year period to focus on her theological vision and work. As the Theologian in Residence, she will participate in the life of the College – formally and informally. This will deepen the College community engagement in covenanting, and transform its sense of what it means to know God and follow Jesus on Aboriginal land.


With the support of the Principal, faculty and resources of UCLT, the Theologian in Residence will be engaged in the following activities:

  • Developing and conducting a personal program of study and research into Aboriginal spirituality, wisdom and history.

  • Consulting with First Nations theologians within Australia and internationally.

  • Producing works of Christian theology from an Aboriginal perspective (such as books, articles or artwork, spoken work delivered as lectures, videos or podcasts, or collaborative work such as dialogues, workshops or Walking on Country).

  • Participating in the life of UCLT as a member of the faculty.

  • Liaising with the UAICC regional and national councils, and with the Centre for Aboriginal Spirituality.