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Fr Erich Fein

Lecturer in Christian Leadership

About Fr Erich

Fr Erich teaches courses on leadership, culture, and research methods and has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles on leadership and motivation as well as five chapters in edited books on virtue ethics. His Google Scholar profile is available here

Units taught by Fr Erich

MINS1509 - Introduction to Christian Leadership

MINS3515 - Leadership and Organisational Culture

MINS8558 - Introduction to Community Research


Recent Publications

Leeman, Trilas M., Bob G. Knight, Erich C. Fein, Sonya Winterbotham, and Jeffrey Dean Webster. "An evaluation of the factor structure of the Self-Assessed Wisdom Scale (SAWS) and the creation of the SAWS-15 as a short measure for personal wisdom." International Psychogeriatrics (2021): 1-11.

Chernyak-Hai, Lily, Erich C. Fein, Natalie Skinner, Andrew J. Knox, and James Brown. "Unpaid Professional Work at Home and Work-Life Interference among Employees with Care Responsibilities." The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied (2021): 1-35.

Fein, Erich C., Daniela Benea, Zahra Idzadikhah, and Aharon Tziner. "The security to lead: a systematic review of leader and follower attachment styles and leader–member exchange." European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 29, no. 1 (2020): 106-125.

Fein, Erich C., Bernard McKenna, Iris Bernobic, and Ezaz Ahmed. "Mapping Smart Power onto the Cardinal Virtues and Cross-Cultural Leadership Dimensions." In Redefining Management, (2017) pp. 107-125. Springer.


  • BS, Eastern European History

  • MFA, Writing

  • MA/PhD Psychology


  • Serves on ACD Ministry Studies Committee


  • Fr Erich was a commissioned officer in the US Air Force from 1989-1994 and engaged in postgraduate study in Psychology at the Ohio State University from 1999-2005.

  • From 2005 – present he has held full-time academic positions at Wilmington College of Ohio, the University of South Australia, and the University of Southern Queensland.

  • Fr Erich currently serves at the Assistant Priest at St John the Baptist Orthodox Mission in Toowoomba.

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