We welcome students from all walks of life. You may choose to study an ACD course irrespective of your own religious background.

ACD courses are offered via flexible learning which means that many subjects may be studied on campus or off campus (online or blended learning, or external study).

To enrol:

Step 1. Contact ACD Student Services
To study an ACD course, your first contact should be with ACD Student Services.

Step 2. Complete the admission form
Application for admission to an ACD courses are made on the Admission Undergraduate Post Graduate or the

Certificate IV Admission & Enrolment  for approval prior to enrolment. You must provide documentary evidence of prior qualifications with your completed admission form, due in early February or early July for mid year intake each year.

Complete the ACD Enrolment form. Choose from , Audit-EnrolmentHigher Education EnrolmentCert IV Enrolment Form, Min-DMin-Appendix-A-  or Certificate-Enrolment-Form.

Step 3. Receive notice of your enrolment