Borrowing from Other Libraries (Document Delivery)

Books and articles not held by the Adelaide Theological Library may be obtained from other libraries.

Trove helps you find and use resources. Trove brings together content from Australian newspapers, libraries, museums, archives and other research organisations. Click here to access Trove.

ACD Staff, Students and Community Members

Requests for items from Flinders University Libraries will be charged at $4.75 per item. Requests for items from other libraries will be charged the standard Document Delivery rate (generally $16.50 per item). Click here to complete a request form.

Flinders University Staff and Postgraduate Students

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Information for Other Libraries

ATL will lend most items from the collection. Items in the ATL collection that are accessible via Libraries Australia may be identified by the NUC symbol SFU:ATL. Document Delivery services will be charged at standard rates.

Requesting libraries using Libraries Australia Document Delivery are directed to Flinders University Document Delivery Service

Requesting libraries not using Libraries Australia Document Delivery are invited to email requests to

Please note that copyright provisions must be observed and compliance with Section 50 of the Australian Copyright Act must be stated on a request.

For general queries about items not listed on Libraries Australia, please contact Adelaide Theological Library.

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