Current Research

Theological and ministry research relates to Australian society and addresses issues from finance, to community co-operation to Indigenous matters to the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities in our community.

Research is undertaken from different denominational perspectives.

Research includes liturgical examinations.

Research by students

Here are some examples of the diversity of research undertaken by students here at ACD (unpublished theses).

Littleton, Thomas John Harvard (2016) Enhanced Faith Learning in Parishes

Hansun, Marelle E (2007) Power, polity, and politics: an ethnographic analysis of theological and ecclesiological understandings and the praxis of power in the Uniting Church in Australia

Watson, Bradley J (2012) A journey in assets-based community development with Salvation Army Congregation

Kiley, Bernadette M (2005) Re-reading Mark 16: 1-8 an interpretive lens for a feminist-liberationist reading of the stories of women

Magor, John (1994) Local Ecumenical Co-operation in Payneham/ St Peters

Buxton, Graham (2004) Pastoral ministry and the scientific worldview: towards a model of coherence

Hosseini, Varga (2008) interpreting Christian symbols and narratives in Indigenous Australian visual culture

Prior, David J (2012) Discovering new life amidst grief chaos: “an evocative narrative exploring the personal resources we can bring to experiences of grief and loss”

Simpson, Julie E (2007) There’s no place like home: discovering homeplace in a home for elders: a phenomenological study from the pastoral care/ chaplaincy perspective

Hein, Jennifer (2014) ‘Abominable yahoos’: exploring the historical memory of the beginning of the Salvation Army in South Australia

Raftery, Judith (1988) Till every foe is vanquished: churches and social issues in South Australia


Here you will find information about grants (internal to ACD and offered by other organisations) that may be of interest to student and staff to support research and scholarship including attendance at conferences.

The Australian Research Theology Foundation

The Australian Research Theology Foundation welcomes funding applications (max. $10,000) for religious and educational projects within Australia.  Themes can range from academic theology to Christian education at the grassroots.

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