Craig Bailey

Director of Leadership

About Craig

Craig’s current role and interest in leadership ad theology has seen him develop undergraduate and post graduate units in leadership and teach these in many forums across Australia and occasionally overseas. He is frequently called upon for seminars and presentations on leadership, preaching and Christian faith and discipleship. In recent years he has coordinated the UCA Qld Leadership Development Program and the UCA National Executive Development course. Craig also works for the ecumenical, national organisation, Partners in Ministry, as a professional coach.

Units taught by Craig

  • MINS1509 Introduction to Christian Leadership

  • Christian Leadership

  • Leadership and Organisational Culture

  • Advanced Christian Leadership

  • Executive Leadership


Recent Publications

  • Bailey, Craig. ‘Restructuring for Church Growth’ in Australian Leadership. Vol 1, Issue 5, January /February, 2009.

  • Bailey, Craig. ‘Great Leadership: what does it take?’ in Australian Leadership. Vol 3, Issue 2, July /August, 2010.

  • Bailey, Craig. ‘But I’m on my Own’ in Australian Leadership. Vol 3, Issue 2, Feb/March, 2015.


  • Bachelor of Theology (Hons)

  • Bachelor of Education

  • Diploma in Teaching


  • Director of Leadership

  • Supervisor/Coach


  • Loves spending time with granddaughters

  • Church planting

  • Good music

  • Good movies

  • Passionate AFL supporter