Costs and Money Matters

Costs of ACD courses

All courses are offered on a fee paying basis. Fees are payable to the ACD at enrolment.

Fees – Higher Education
The fee schedule for all units in Higher Education courses in 2016 and census dates can be downloaded here:  More information about FEE-HELP – see the ACD Student Services Office or

Fees – 2017

Undergraduate fee per unit of Study   –   $ 1616.00     Full Course   –   $ 12,928.00

Postgraduate fee per unit of Study     –    $ 2003.00     Full Course   –   $ 16,027.00


Fees – Vocational education
Fee schedule for VET courses in 2017:
$430 per unit (minimum of 13 units required to complete the Certificate IV).
Students may choose to study individual units as non-award students.

2016 fee schedule is $410 per unit.

Auditing a unit of study is available.
The Audit Fee enables attendance at classes with no written work being done or assessed.

Audit Enrolment for all Units        –  $ 300.00
Fee Help
FEE-HELP is a Commonwealth Government loan scheme for higher education students which is available to Australian citizens and residents with permanent resident humanitarian visas. Under this scheme students enrolling in the Diploma, Bachelor, Graduate Diploma, Master or Doctor of Ministry can obtain a loan to pay the tuition fees for these courses. The loan is paid back gradually thorough the Australian Tax Office when the income of the person taking out the loan reaches a certain threshold.

You are eligible for FEE HELP if you:

  • are studying at an approved FEE HELP provider (approved provider) or through Open Universities Australia (OUA);
  • meet the citizenship and residency requirements;
  • you are an Australian citizen who will undertake, in Australia, at least one unit of study contributing to your course; OR
  • you are a permanent humanitarian visa holder who will be resident in Australia for the duration of your unit; OR
  • you are a permanent visa holder who is undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals, and will be resident in Australia for the duration of the study;
  • are enrolled in an eligible unit of study by the census date for that unit; and have not exceeded the FEE HELP limit.

More information about FEE-HELP log on to 2016 FEE-HELP Booklet.

Austudy (for those over 25 years of age) or Youth Allowance (16-24 years, means tested) may be available for diploma and bachelor study.

Students normally are required to enrol in at least 75% of the normal full-time work load.

Further information on Austudy and Youth Allowance see your nearest Centrelink office. Students receiving Austudy or Youth Allowance should notify Centrelink if their enrolment falls below a full-time load in any semester. The national Centrelink telephone number for inquiries is 13 24 90. The Centrelink web site may be found at