Rev Dr Christy Capper

Deputy Principal

 About Christy


Christy is an ordained minister in the Anglican Church.  After completing her undergraduate Bachelor's degree, she worked at Macquarie University (NSW) and later at the University of Newcastle in on-campus missional roles engaged in evangelism, discipleship and leadership-training.

In 2009 she moved to Victoria, where she began studying theology and working as a Youth and Young Adults Minister in South East Melbourne.  Hearing a call to ordination and further theological education, Christy completed her Awards at Tabor Victoria before moving to Trinity College on a residential scholarship and beginning formal study for ordination. 


In this period, Christy also managed a residence for roughly 50 female international students, which aided her ministry with young adults and developed strong skill-sets in cultural awareness.

Christy moved to Adelaide in 2016 to take up the role of Director of Missiology with Uniting College. She enjoys the Adelaide lifestyle and preaches at various parishes and congregations. In 2019 she completed her doctoral work which considered the theological imperative to authentic selfhood, and proposed a theological definition of authentic selfhood.

Units taught by Christy

  • MINS1304 Introduction to Christian Thought

  • MINS1305 Reading Cultures

  • MINS2315 Human Being?

  • MINS2320 Evangelism, Conversion, and the Mission of God

  • MINS3321Church, Ministry, and Sacraments

  • MINS3331 Christian Ethics

  • MINS3512 Missional Church Leadership


Recent Publications

Capper, Christy. “A Mutual Understanding: Emerging Spirituality and the Christian Church” in We are Pilgrims: Mission from, in and with the Margins of our Diverse World.

Edited by Darren Cronshaw and Rosemary Dewerse. UNOH Publishing: Dandenong, Victoria, 2015.

A Mutual Misunderstanding. Australian Association of Mission Studies, Adelaide, 2014.

Living an Authentic Life: a theological investigation into the concept of Authenticity. ANZATS, Sydney, 2015.

Examining Ecclesiological Identity in Contemporary Society. Society for the Study of Theology, Nottingham, 2015.

Macquarrie and Human Nature as Potentiality. Society for the Study of Theology, Durham, 2016.

Alienation, Atonement and Authenticity in the work of John Macquarrie. ANZATS, Melbourne, 2016.

Original Righteousness in the work of John Macquarrie. University Research Day, Melbourne, 2016.

John Macquarrie: Identity, Relationality and Social Ethics. ANZATS, Adelaide, 2017.

My First Year of Teaching. ANZATS, Adelaide, 2017.

From Potentiality to Actuality: Enabling all Human Persons to Authentically “become.” Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologies, 2017.

“For the sake of that which has the greatest claim”: Selfhood and Sacrifice. ANZATS, Brisbane, 2018.

“You’re not what I expected”: Combating age and gender expectations in teaching theology. ANZATS, Brisbane, 2018.

“This is Me”: A Feminist Theology of Authentic Selfhood. Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologies, Melbourne, 2019.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Macquarie University

  • Graduate Diploma in Arts (Theology), Tabor Victoria

  • Master of Arts (Church Practice), Tabor Victoria

  • Master of Theological Studies, University of Divinity

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Divinity – ‘The Theological Imperative to Authenticity’


  • UCLT Vice-Principal

  • Director of Missiology

  • Research Supervisor