Associate Degree of Ministry

The Associate Degree of Ministry (AssocMin) provides an up-to-date understanding of the major ministry concepts and theories as well as the skills to apply them to life situations as effective practitioners.

The Associate Degree provides the same foundation as the Bachelor of Ministry, through the eight Level One core units, with some beginning specialisation in two areas (minor studies). The completion of these studies and a selection of elective units from the bachelor degree ensure the professional character of the award as well as articulation between the courses. This includes the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the ministry professions. Study at this level also requires students to become critical and independent learners.

Course Outcomes

Graduates of the Associate Degree of Ministry will have foundational underpinnings in the basic disciplines of: biblical studies; Christian education & discipleship; leadership; and missiology.

Graduates of the Associate Degree of Ministry will have:

  • acquired academic and practical skills to access, comprehend and evaluate information across the disciplines of ministry studies
  • developed two areas of specialisation within the disciplines of ministry practice
  • developed ministry skills at an introductory level relevant to a range of employment or voluntary work contexts
  • developed a capacity for self-directed and lifelong learning
  • developed interpersonal, communication, creative and teamwork skills appropriate to a range of employment or voluntary ministry contexts.
  • the ability to apply ministry practice skills across a range of employment or voluntary ministry contexts.
  • developed the ability to integrate theory and practice within a range of ministry practice settings.

Length of the course

The course requires two years of full-time study, or equivalent part-time.

Exit pathways

The Associate Degree of Ministry is available as an exit award from the Bachelor of Ministry, or students may commence enrolment in the Associate Degree of Ministry.

Course Structure and Rules

The Associate Degree of Ministry is 72 credit points comprising 16 units of 4.5 credit points each:

  • eight level 1 core units, and
  • two minors selected from the range of minors available in the Bachelor of Ministry.

A minor is 4 units totalling 18 credit points. No more than two level 1 units may be included in a minor.

Minors are available from:
Biblical Studies
Christian Education and Discipleship
Pastoral Care
Missiology and

In addition all students must complete one unit of Supervised Field Education and the unit MINS3002 Biblical Hermeneutics. Students who have difficulty in meeting Supervised Field Education placement requirements in the Associate Degree may apply to the Course Coordinator for exemption from this unit. On approval by the Course Coordinator an elective unit may be substituted.

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