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We like to share news about our valued alumni:


Dr Rosemary Canavan


Dr Rosemary Canavan studied at the Adelaide College of Divinity and is now the Academic Dean of Catholic Theological College, University of Divinity (Melbourne).

She tutored and lectured in Theology and New Testament at the Adelaide College of Divinity/ Department of Theology at Flinders University.

Her doctoral thesis is entitled “Clothing the Body of Christ at Colossae: a Visual Construction of Identity”.


Dr Dee Michell


Dr Dee Michell studies theology at the Adelaide College of Divinity campus as a Flinders University enrolled student and is now a lecturer at the University of Adelaide. She describes herself as a feminist theologian and social researcher whose research incorporates the themes of lived experience, marginalisation and transformation.


She has a broad interest in gender, religion and spirituality, and a particular interest in the women dominated 19th century American traditions of Spiritualism, Theosophy, Christian Science and New Thought.

Dee is currently working with Dr Nell Musgrove (Australian Catholic University) on a three year ARC funded project examining the history of foster care in Australia.


Dr Jenny Hein


Dr Jennifer Hein is the Adjunct Lecturer in Church History and Mission at Adelaide College of Divinity. She completed her PhD as a Flinders University enrolled student researching the history of the Salvation Army in Australia. She has a special interest in Wesleyan history and theology.

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