Adam Robinson

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About Adam

Adam Robinson is married to Sarah and together they have three children. He repented of his sin and believed in Jesus at the age of nineteen. Adam holds a PhD in New Testament from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His academic interests are biblical theology, the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament, and the book of Revelation. Adam’s goal in teaching is to help develop mature disciples of Jesus.

Subjects Taught

  • MINS1101 Interpreting the Old Testament

  • MINS1201 Interpreting the New Testament

  • MINS3002 Biblical Hermeneutics

  • Biblical Languages


  • PhD in New Testament

  • AdvMDiv

  • BTh

Recent Publications

  • Dissertation: “An Interpretation of the Sexual Immorality Language in the Book of Revelation”


  • Lecturer in Biblical Studies


  • Enjoys reading​

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