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About Us

The vision for the Adelaide College of Divinity Incorporated from its very beginnings was to create a place of international standard ecumenical higher education; theology and ministry education, and training for lay and ordained ministries.

The Adelaide College of Divinity was formed in 1979 through the clear purpose of several Christian churches coming together and developing a campus of theological and ministry oriented learning for South Australia.

ACD has a strong national profile in teaching theology and divinity, including ministry, from certificate level to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

If education is transforming, then we strive to make possible positive social impacts from applied theological scholarship.

We recognise social or denominational outlooks as beneficial and welcome students from diverse backgrounds to our learning community.

The ACD aims to:

To provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Prepare for lay and ordained ministries through the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for ministry and mission.

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills which will enable them to take their place confidently in Church and society and to contribute to both.

  • Undertake academic study from Certificate to Doctoral level, whether training for ministry or exploring Christian theology out of interest.

  • Undertake in-service training.

  • Develop the willingness and the ability to examine critically the Christian theological tradition and bring that tradition into dialogue with the issues of contemporary society including:

    • the plurality of Australian life and culture, especially the diversity of its spiritual and religious expressions, and of the opportunities for conversation and dialogue that this offers to Christian theology, ministry and mission; and

    • the ethical and social justice issues engaging Church and society.

  • Embark on a journey of lifelong learning.


To provide staff and students with the opportunity to:

  • Undertake individual and collaborative research and publication that will develop our theological heritage enrich our teaching and provide resources and insights that will enable the churches and the community to face the scientific, ecological, economic and social challenges of the future.

  • Continue their professional formation.

  • Grow personally and spiritually.

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