About us

The Adelaide College of the Divinity is the oldest established ecumenical consortia college in Australia, after the Melbourne College of Divinity (in 1910 which later became the University of Divinity).

Ref: Sherlock, Charles, Mark Harding, Neil Ormerod, Robert McIver, Gerard Moore, Patricia Malone, Josephine Ryan et al. “Uncovering Theology: the depth, reach and utility of Australian theological education.” Resource Library 1995 (1996): 1994.

Students come from all over Australia to study at the Adelaide College of the Divinity.



The Adelaide college of Divinity is a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training




We adhere to the ACPET Code of Ethics, which requires that we conduct our higher education and VET courses in accordance with the professional standards expected of education and training providers. As a member of ACPET we act with integrity in all dealings with students (past, present and future), employers, with ACPET and with other organisations.

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